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16 January 2005 ... Rampant

Unicorn Rampant and Lion Rampant
courtesy Free Heraldry Clipart

You know rampant?
As in "Unicorn rampant" or "Lion rampant"...

cheri the lethargic rampant

Well, this is Lethargy Rampant...
haha. cheri the blue blob of lethargy.

I love the words describing the positions of heraldic creatures!

Dexter the right side of the shield... if you are facing the shield, dexter is on your left.
Sinister the left side of the shield... facing the shield, sinister is on your right.

Rampant A rearing creature, in profile facing dexter, its right limbs raised higher than the left

Rampant Gardant rampant but with creature looking at us, full faced.
Rampant Regardant rampant but with creature looking behind.
Rampant Sejant sitting creature, with forelegs raised.

Passant walking creature, its right fore raised.

Trippant a stag or hart passant.

Statant creature standing.

Couchant creature lying down with head raised.

Dormant creature sleeping.

Such wonderful words. The above definations are based on Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry. Which is also offered as a eBook, along with Symbolisms of Heraldry: Free Heraldry Ebooks

Enfield Rampant
courtesy Free Heraldry Clipart

Now here is something else delightful!

An Enfield is a creature with the head of a fox, the body of a greyhound, talons of an eagle and the back end of a wolf!

I've decided to adopt an Enfield as my new companion animal. :) I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.

The Enfield Beast Links at the Enfield Preservation Society. (No, they are not preserving the creature. Enfield is a place in England!)

Heraldic Beasts at West Kingdom College of Heralds... This page is currently under construction: the PDFs have not been uploaded yet... but it's a great list with definitions of creatures.

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