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Mon 22 Sept 2008

The other morning, I woke up thinking that I should change my last name. It's not something I've ever considered doing, but I kind of like the idea, now that I've thought of it...

I love my first name, both my full name, Cherissa, and my shortened, used name, cheri. I am indifferent about my middle name, Anne. My last name... I guess my feelings are: I could do without. The only good thing about it is that it's only five letters long.

At some point, ages ago, people's last name indicated a little bit of who they were. Like John's Son, or a Miller or whatever.

My new last name will be Vegan, I think. :) That definitely indicates who I am, and it's still only five letters! ha!

Cherissa Anne Vegan. CAV.

Have I mentioned my African Violets? My Grandma grows these like crazy, and wanted me to have one. So my Mom brought me one when she visited me during my birthday this May.

When I transplanted my new African Violet, I accidently broke off two leaves, so I planted them back in the original pot. The one leaf grew new babies almost right away. The other leaf just sat there. It was turning itself towards the light, tho, so I figured it was growing roots and stuff.

Last week, I found the second leaf finally had a baby. And then I noticed that there was another baby growing behind the first leaf! It had a long stem, trying to get out behind the leaf to reach for the light.

And then, this past week, the second leaf has a second -- and maybe a third -- baby growing! Yay, African Violet Babies Everywhere!

Aren't they cute when they're little?

I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. I'm a pretty picky eater, I guess. But I do try to buy new and different things at the grocery every once in a while.

Yesterday's grocery run came home with two leeks. When I talked to my Mom, I brought it up because I wanted to ask her how much of the green I should cut off.

Mom: *pause* Do you Like leeks??
me: *cheerfully* I don't know!
Mom: 'Cause they taste a little bit like onions.
me: *pause* oh.

laughs. Yeah, I don't like onions! But I'm going to try the leeks in soup. We'll see how it goes.

Today, during my walk around the block with my SO, we saw two sheeps! They were happily munching grass on the other side of the creek. And they were both black. And they both still had their tail. oh, they are so cute.

SO wondered if they were someone's pets. I hoped they had escaped from one of the sheep farms in the area... Escaped from being turned into lamb chops, you know.

I know they could survive the winter, out by themselves, our winters are so mild here. There's plenty of grass for them to eat. If people would just leave them alone, is all.

Let the sheep go free!
go vegan!

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