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Fri 12 Sept 2008

My mood lately: Excitable about random copyright-free graphics, with an unfortunate lack of focus. :)

Barbara Sher defines Scanners as "people who have so many interests they're unable to choose only one". Check out her book, Refuse to Choose

My goal this week was to come up with some art for my September postcard exchange. It's our third monthly exchange, and I had many ideas but nothing really interested me enough to actually work on it.

In an effort to get inspired, I joined groups, I looked at photos, I drew sketches, I visited Flickr sets. I got many more ideas. Yep, I have ideas for hundreds of postcards.

Fortunately, one of the groups I joined was PostCrossing. So I can send the hundreds of postcards I have ideas for, all over the world. Goodie!

'Course, the postcards in "idea-form" are pretty useless. I need to actually make them before I can put a stamp on them and send them into the world.

After I signed up at PostCrossing, I went to fix up my profile. I tried to upload my avatar... and it wouldn't let me! It said the size had to be at least 140x140.

My Avatar

This is the avatar that I've been using for the past 10 or 11 years. It's 64x64 pixels and it doesn't look so good when it's blown up larger.

So maybe I need a new avatar? But then the question is, do I draw another unicorn or do I make something entirely new?


I considered making a switch to Verdella the Vegan Dragon. She's green at least which is my favorite colour... but technically she's someone else's art: My SO bought her for me at the Saturday Market, which means she's handmade. (And I would love to spread the joy of dragon stuffies, but they don't have a website yet.)

Bottom line, I don't want to use other people's art for my avatar.

And speaking of lines. I just ran into this post at Smashing Magazine, Download your fresh <hr>-line now! and oh my goodness, just look at all those wonderful dividers.

It reminded me of a project I started many moons ago... Static-Bar Creations

Fun, huh? :)

But then that reminds me that I really should work on a new web site design. I love my Rainbow Elephants but they've been up for a very long time. A very long time.

my Scanner Mascot

Yeah, I seriously need those eight arms!!

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