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wed 25 June 2008

Practically four months of freedom, now... and I honestly thought I would be typing more often. But no, my inbox fills up with emails awaiting replies (sorry people!) and the blog remains ignored. sighs.

The sun has emerged for the summer, after a very long and cloudy spring. I don't much like sunshiney days. Even tho the heat in Oregon is nothing compared to the heat in Phoenix (where we moved from in 2005), I still feel the need to hide out from the evil sun! I am looking forward to autumn already!

I've been doing tons of reading. I usually finish two books a week. I am very proud of myself for putting a real dent in my book pile! It is difficult staying away from Amazon to buy new books. Very Very Difficult. heh.

Space Cadet Pinball

The Story of the Pinball Game

I have never been much of a gamer, tho I've put my time in, with PacMan and BreakOut, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, Doom.

I enjoy pinball games, and always have one installed on my computer. Space Cadet came with my operating system, so convenient. I started playing it again at the end of May... The high scores were 5million (from whenever I was playing it last), and I deleted them all so I could start fresh.

It took a few tries, but I finally got a 5million game. Then Significant Other wanted to play. He is a professional pinball player, and I was prepared for the thrashing. I put the game on his computer and he opened up with a 6million game.

I came back with 7million, and SO topped me with a 10 million game. And then, all of a sudden I had trouble getting 2million! So I quit.

But now I'm giving it another go. I still haven't beat my 7million game, let alone SO's 10mil...

Honestly, I think I need some kind of award for keeping the ball alive for the longest time without getting any points: I hit the ball, and it just floats up, not hitting anything, not giving me any points, comes straight back down for me to hit again. laugh. But my average game score is slowly increasing.

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