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Guinea Pig Freedom
sun 15 June 2008

I am so very happy for all the extra time I get to spend with the guinea pigs. Every morning, first thing, I get up and give them their kibble. Then when I come back from doing morning things and they've taken the edge off their "starvation", I lift them out of their home for some floor time.

Boo and Twitch love their floor time, of course. They run around... well, Boo runs and Twitch follows at a more sedate pace. They nose through any clothes I've dumped on the floor. They head-butt the empty box of tissues and pretend to chew on the bag of corn chips.

They have to use the humans as obstacles in their obstacle course. You crouch down on your knees and elbows, the guinea pigs walk underneath, and head-butt you into the proper position.

This week I decided that the piggies understood the concept of "Don't pee on the carpet!" and I've been opening the door to their house so they can come and go, as they please.

Thinking about it

Ha! They are so cute. At first, Twitch totally embraced her new life on the floor... Taking a little rest on the outside:

Twitch and Boo

But now, the novelity has worn off I guess, and the piggies spend most of their time in their house. Just coming out to play for a few minutes a day.

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