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Mon 26 May 2008

Over the weekend, I have been busy upgrading. I started with my antivirus, since they were forcing the issue: threatening to cut off my virus updates if I didn't download this huge 45meg file. ugh. Not so fun on the dialup, I tell you.


Next, I upgrade Aeris Calendar. I actually hadn't been using this program for a while because tended to make my computer retch. But the upgrade switches over to AccuWeather. So hopefully from now on, I will know what day it is!


And then I realize that my favorite text editor NoteTab has gone and made upgrades without even telling me. I'm on version 4.8, and they've moved up to version 5.6???! okay, you know what, I use this software to create my website, I don't even care if there are any significant changes because I'm paying for this upgrade immediately.

That's just how much I love my NoteTab. :) And, yeah, to be honest, there aren't any major changes. Except the Firefox bug was fixed, and I didn't mind living with that. And they've got a print preview, now... And there's no reason to print plain text these days. But I'm happy to pay for good, simple, useable software.

So, about this time, I'm surfing and I'm noticing some problems with my browser being slow. I'm pretty sure it's the new antivirus: people have complained about this "Link Scanner" thing. eh. I suppose I can live with it. But I think some new RAM will help.

I've had this computer for 2.5 years, my SO bought it for me used for a couple hundred bucks from a local computer fixit shop. It was a good deal, all it needed was the other half of it's memory. I don't know why I didn't go and buy it right away. Just lazy that way I guess. (Procrastinating spending my money is probably the only reason for my savings account!)

I've ordered the RAM, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the slot in the motherboard is actually functional.


I keep thinking about upgrading my Paint Shop Pro. I have version 9, which was the last version that Jasc put out before they got bought by Corel. Every time I look at the product page at Corel, I am so very Not impressed. I'm just not interested in the direction they've taken it: Paint Shop Pro is now a "Photo Studio".

"super fast photo fixing"? uh huh. I do use some of the automatic photo fixes, but mostly photos look better if you do manual adjustments. So "super fast" is not something I want.

I'd rather have some of the other Version 9 features improved... like the vectors and the Art Media. But Corel already has Painter, so obviously they want you to buy that to do your art. And then I guess you have to buy Corel Designer to do vectors.

A curse on Corel!


I am also anxiously awaiting the new version of Firefox: Version 3 is due out... um, soon? Supposed to be faster, with a download manager and better bookmarking. whee.

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