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Week 3 Update
Sat 22 Mar 2008

Well, I couldn't be bothered to type up any blog entries this week, but I did brilliantly on my list of stuff to get done! The worms took three days, and I took a couple photos so I'll be typing about that soon. I wrote a letter to my Gram, and I finished my desktop publishing project. I read a lot, including the dumb magazines. And I worked on my drawing assignments every day.

I am really finding out how much I hate "finishing" projects. (That's part of my Scanner personality, according to Barbara Sher.) I wanted to grab all my posts to the email group that closed last week, clean them up in my desktop publishing software, and print them up to put in my journal...

The first 20 pages of this project were fun. And then it got BORING! I tried to trick myself into working on it by doing five minutes at a time. But I finally had to just force myself to get in the last hour or so of work because I was tired of having it hang over me. It ended up at 28 pages.

But now I'm having the same problem with my drawing assignments. This week I worked on lesson 3, I had two pages of drawings that I was working on. I finished one and it looks pretty good, but was doing the five minute thing with the other... and I honestly don't know if I want to finish it! It looks fine and everything, I'm just bored with it and can't really think of anything to liven it up or to get me excited about it. I'm thinking I'll just move on to lesson 4.

I was thrilled to see that A.W.A.D had a vegan guest wordsmith this week!

A.Word.A.Day is a daily email that I've subscibed to for about seven years now. I love the new words, and the quote at the bottom!

The guest this week was Matt Ball, the co-founder of Vegan Outreach, and he defined some vegan words. Starting with the word "vegan"!

  Monday: vegan
  Tuesday: speciesism
  Wednesday: factory farming
  Thursday: cartesian
  Friday: karuna

I'm so excited because this mailing list has over " 640,000 people in at least 200 countries". And that's 640,000 people who will no longer ask "what's a vegan?" Not that I get tired of answering that question, or anything! heh.

And in my bouncing excitement about all those people learning about vegan things... I bought a new vegan related domain name.

WHY?! Why Do I Do These Things?! Do you know how much work is involved in launching a new web site??? A lot. A lot, I tell you. A lot of stinking work.

So yeah. It's parked, and because I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, I'm keeping you in the dark about where exactly it is. ;) Sorry people! Just another example of me not finishing things!

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