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Week 2 Recap
Sat 15 Mar 2008

Kind of a sad week, this past week. My favorite email group, Purple_Ink closed down. Delhi died. Found out Chris, over at my favorite charity, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, had a heart attack. And my Gram, who has been stuck in the hospital since the beginning of Feb, will be stuck there another week.


I've not done much drawing, and I've not done my lessons, either. So I am very behind with my drawing class. arg!

The one project that I am working on, I am vaguely proud of. I decided to grab my very few posts at the email group, tidy them up in my desktop publishing software and print them out for my new journal.

I honestly thought that I would be able to cut and paste and be done in a couple hours or so. ha. I'm up to 20 pages, now, and I'm still not done! and that's why I'm vaguely proud of myself...

Usually, if I see a project is going to take longer than "one sit down"... I will not even start it! So, I'm glad I'm running with this one. I've broken it down, and written the steps on an index card, and I get to check them off as I finish each step.

Additionally, I am learning some stuff about my software. Noticing some buttons that I don't know how to use, but I think I want to use them... So I may be reading the manual at some point soon. :)

And, if I'm going to be typing these "recap" posts every weekend, I should put them to work by listing my goals for the next week!

  Play with the worms! We've had the worm box for a whole year now! And it is very very full of dirt. I'm going to dump everything out, separate worms from dirt, and start over!

  Write a letter to my Gram!

  Finish the desktop publishing project.

  Read some magazines. Oh, the huge pile. It mocks me.

  Draw something every day.


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