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Tues 25 Sept 2007

I have been getting headaches again, lately. Haven't really given it much thought because my day job is eight and a half hours of pure annoyance. (I'm prone to headaches, but since becoming vegan at least I don't have one, constant, dairy-induced headache.)

anyway, I figured my current headaches were just stress related. But today I happened to read the ingredient list on the vege soup that I've been cooking with my pasta...


Arg. And that explains why I've felt like I'm on the verge of Death. Damn that monosodium glutamate.

I am so disappointed, too. Even tho I have other bouilions, the vege soup was my favorite to cook stuff in. And I have a lot of it, because it's my favorite.

The slightest breeze causes acorns to rain out of the oak trees outside our apartment. They bang alarmingly in the parking lot and on cars and such. The other day I had wondered if the acorns ever hit anyone. Sure enough, the next day Significant Other told me an acorn hit him on the head!

He said he was reminded of the squirrels in the comic Mutts. ha!

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