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Fri 21 Sept 2007

Maggie, an elephant at the Alaska Zoo, has officially been granted freedom! She'll be going to PAWS, a good sanctuary in California where she can live her life in elephant delight. Yay!

Maggie's life up to now has been miserable. Her family was "culled" when she was a baby, just imagine your mother and loving aunts and older sisters and little brothers all violently murdered right there in front of you. :`( Then she's shipped off to Alaska. bah!

She's now 25 years old. She's cold all the time, up there in Alaska. She has a tiny enclosure. She's stuck in a tiny barn for five months every year during the winter. She's so very alone, and has been alone for almost TEN years. It's completely horrifying!

I remember they bought her a treadmill last year? to help with her feet and to give her something to do. I don't know what happened to that, failure apparently. *shakes head* And this summer, Maggie went down twice and had to be lifted up to her feet by fire fighters.

The zoo had been hemming and hawing for a long time. Many people have been campaigning to get Maggie to a sanctuary, and Bob Barker (yes, That Bob Barker) has repeatedly offered to pay for her relocation.

The zoo has finally made the right decision, and announced last Friday, Maggie will be going to PAWS by the end of October. and then she'll be safe and happy forever! She'll be joining the African herd already started there: 71, Mara, Lulu and Ruby. (And this is the same sanctuary that took in Gypsy and Nic, of the Hawthorn Herd. They got there in April and are living happily ever after.)

So Yay! I've been thinking about Maggie and her upcoming freedom, and it's kept me happy all week long! :) I can't wait for her to arrive at her new home. Ten years without a friend to talk to or to lean on, almost her whole life without a place to walk to. And now, it's all going to be different, in the most wonderful way!

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