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Sat 1 Sept 2007

Just some thoughts that have built up since last I blogged, two weeks ago. In no particular order.

  Ha, I got my first spam at LeafShadows, the blog I used for Blogathon. I don't type there anymore, so no one should be commenting, but I've put comments on moderation rather than shutting them down. Just in case some random surfer cares to ask a vegan question!

  Last weekend, I unexpectedly ran out of journal... I could have sworn I had a page left, but I was writing on the last sheet. And then I obsessed about getting the exact same notebook. I actually considered getting up at 3:30am and going to Walmart! Well, somehow I waited until 11am so I could "carpool" with SO. I bought two notebooks, and now I'm happy.

  Michael Vick chew toys. haha.

Boca Chikn patties
  Boca Chikn burgers! I have been less than impressed with the vegan burgers available at my grocery store. But these are awesome! And I've been too lazy, and it's been too hot to bake my own tofu. So these are really good to have around... Yeah, I made quick work of the four boxes I initially bought! ha.

  FictionWise membership. Oh My: Static Girl Joy! I buy a few books from FictionWise, but not enough to justify the 30$/year membership. And then they sent me an email offering to give me a 100% rebate on the membership! Did I mention my Joy? *ebook-loving happiness* So, I pay them my 30$. I get 30$ credit and a free 10$ ebook and 15% off all ebooks AND membership in their lending library!!! Whoa! The lending library looks fascinating but I haven't had the chance to check it out yet...

  Day Job continues to murder me. The actual work load has lightened to an acceptable/normal rate. But a couple 90°+ days and it's over 100° in my tin cave. Lovely working conditions, huh? bah!

  With the heat and my laziness (aka work related heat exhaustion), I am trying to kill everything in my poor garden with a lack of watering. Wilted wildflowers make me sad. I think about digging some up and potting them, since I am better about watering my house plants. But there is this apathy.

  I have two potted plants who are obnoxiously large and who are spending part of the summer outside. They seem to enjoy doing out-doorsy things like catching some rays and supporting spider webs. The ficus has a baby tree growing in his pot. It makes me smile to think of the squirrel who buried the nut in there last year!

  Hugo winners. Best Related Non-Fiction Book: James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B Sheldon by Julie Phillips Yay. I'm just finishing this up, and enjoying it immensely. Also Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Who - “Girl in the Fireplace” - Steven Moffat & Euros Lyn Yay Doctor Who!

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