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Sun 12 Aug 2007

You know how your Mom always says, "If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all." Well. My Mom says that, and that's how the day job is going lately; doing a pretty good job of trying to kill me with stress and exhaustion. And no relief in sight for next week either.

So it is really important that I get a very good weekend so that I don't just lie down and die any time soon. Here is a list of good weekend things to make me happy...

  SO brought me my favorite pen on Saturday afternoon. And you don't even know how wonderful this is! Nobody sells my pens anymore, they are impossible to find. I've been nursing the last two pens I own for like a year, and I had resigned myself to tracking them down online! And he found them in this local store. *laughs in delight*

  Vegan Pizza! mmmm!

  Blogathon Gifts! A wonderful sweater from Peaceful Prairie, the charity I was blogging for at LeafShadows. And Laloofah, sent me some cool things for sponsoring her Blogathon blog, Shambhala. Including an awesome little handmade blank book from Nepal. :) *waves* Thank You!!

  The bill from my ISP arrived the other day and amused me greatly. I have unlimited dial up, but the bill still shows how much time we spend online... Usually around 70 to 75 hours during the month, when I get vacation time it might go up to 90 hours. ha. For the month of July, with Blogathon, I was online 142.81 hours!

  I was all prepared to play with the worms this weekend so that I could do another worm report. The plan was to get the dirt out from the one side, and replace it with newspaper shreds so I have more room to put food in...

Worm box

But when I started digging out the dirt, there were baby worms all over the place! I was going to put the dirt in the garden, but that would be a death sentence for the worms because it's too dry. So, I left the dirt in the box. And just piled food on the other side on top of all the other food. Guess I'll try again in a couple months.

Oh, I did pull out two avocado pits which had sprouted. I buried them in the garden. I doubt they'll grow, but it might be an incentive for me to water the garden more often!

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