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Sat 4 Aug 2007

The Blogathon is now a week behind me, but I've spent all of my free time of the week doing Blogathon related things. Mostly writing emails, and now I'm reading some of the Blogathon blogs!

This was my first Blogathon, and I did incredibly well... Not only did I get through the 24 hours of blogging, I think my posts were fairly interesting. And I raised a lot of money for Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary!!

Here are some Things I'd like to remember about Blogathon... just in case I want to do it again next year!

  Prepare Topics!!!
I had about 25 topic ideas in the list that I had started, but got sidetracked in the last week before Blogathon by overtime at the day job. I needed more choices. I also needed more ideas for short and sweet posts for those times when I had to get away from the computer.

  More Munching Snacks
I had plums, apples, cucumbers and nuts (not to mention the many Clif bars I consumed). Carrots and celery would have been perfect. And dried fruit. Grapes. Crackers and hummus. Also, plan ahead for meals. Make something fancy! Ramen is so boring! (The picture of Tegan on my ramen bowl has a certain cuteness factor tho!)

  Ask People for Pledges!!!
I actually didn't do as much advertising as I could have done. Tho I am a lurker, I still belong to a wide variety of groups, some of them very large. But I was too shy to put posts up in them.

  More Photos!
Mostly just because photos are fun. Peaceful Prairie had given me a bunch of photos to use, and I only uploaded a few of them. Also I need an easier and quicker way to get digital pics to the computer. Which just means, I need a new digital camera and a card reader. Also, having prepared icons would have added some pizazz to my posts as well!

  Number and Title posts
This worked so well for me! I had a notebook next to me, and I'd write down my (descriptive) titles as I went. And then when someone asked a question and I had already written about it, the post was quickly and easily found!

  More posts dedicated to the charity
Laloofah blogging at Shambhala did several posts where she lifted text/pics from her charity website and typed in her own introduction or thoughts. That's just brilliant.

Me and Tegan sitting at the computer!

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