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Tuesday Tea
Tues 5 June 2007

Last year, when I was a jobless bum, I wrote at my Care2 blog for a little while. I called it "Tuesday Tea" because I was trying to figure out how to drink tea even tho I hated the taste. heh. I would drink my tea, write about which sweeteners I had used that day, and then type any other random thing I was thinking about.

After a while, I found my perfect tea sweetener -- a scoop of sugar and a scoop of dry apple cider mix -- and I got a job and I quit typing there.

I was thinking about that old blog, and wishing I would type more often on _this_ old blog. :) Maybe if I had a specific topic to type on every week, that would get the fingers moving.

uh huh. I don't really have an idea for a topic that's interesting.

(Later...) Huh, weird. Today is World Environmental Day? Nobody ever tells me anything!

Well, whatever. Every day should be an Earth Day and an Environmental Day and an Ecosystem Day and Biophilia Day.

Mend of the World says "Ask Yourself"...

What is the number one thing you are doing to help tackle climate change?
That's easy. I'm an environmentalist and I know that being VEGAN has the biggest impact of all!

What one extra thing could you do to tackle climate change?
Bicycling to work. My job is about 3.5 miles away, and I could possibly bike it faster on the bike path than drive through traffic!

What’s stopping you ?
I don't have a bike. :) And I hate buying things / shopping. laugh.

So, maybe my Tuesday Tea will be Tuesday Biophilia. or Tuesday EcoDay. or Tuesday Impending Doom Day.

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