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Booking: Paper or Plastic
Thurs 31 May 2007

Booking Through Thursday meme
Paper or Plastic

  • Do you read e-Books? If so, how? On your computer, or a PDA? Or are you a paper purist? Why?

Quite possibly, I love ebooks more than paper books. Yep. The only exception would be art books, art instruction or craft books where the photos are important. Other than that, it's only the text that matters.


I have typed before about how much I love my handheld. It's a Palm Tungsten T2, I bought it from Amazon in 2003. It cost $372, and it has more than paid for itself in free ebooks... I've read over 90 free Gutenberg ebooks (and counting). If I bought those books, they would have to be 4$ each to equal the cost of my handheld. And, unless you're buying the weeded books from the library, books aren't that cheap anymore! So, the Palm is paid for, and then some. :)

(Granted, I could have read all the books from the library. But I would rather be playing on my computer and downloading rather than driving places and wasting my time doing socially accepted things.)

I found it interesting to surf through this week's Booking responses. Honestly, I am a bit disturbed by the stereotypical answers of why paper books are so much better than ebooks: "curling up" with a book, the smell, turning pages, "holding" a book. And the oft repeated "reading on a computer screen gives me a headache." uh huh... if it gives you a headache, maybe you should quit reading and typing blogs, which, if you hadn't noticed, you are Reading on a computer screen. *rolls eyes*

heh. I curl up with my handheld every day. I push a button instead of turning pages (I prefer not to scroll). I can read my handheld in the dark since my screen is back lit. I can switch books with a flick of my stylus. I bookmark passages I want to come back to.

Well, whatever. I love reading ebooks on my handheld and that's all there is to it!

Now, if you are a collector, that is a different matter. The physical book matters because it's got inscriptions or notes in the margins which add to the personal or historical value. Collecting is less about "reading" and more about "having" or "ownership", and so, obviously there is no reason to even consider ebooks.

I am not a book collector, altho I do hoard the books I buy. I am a reader, through and through. I guess I'm just weird that way. :)


Write, Wrote, Written: Long Live the Printed Word types about why "holding" a book is important. I don't like to touch used books, and, for me, reading is not tactile.

Caution Blind Driver: Alternate Texts Wow! What a great post about ebooks as audio books! Big Thumbs Up.

Chaucerian Girl: Booking Through Thursday :) I didn't read every single response at this week's Booking, but this is the only other blogger who reads ebooks regularly. She seems pretty cool. Oh, wait, she's an ebook author, too!


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