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Sun 1 Apr 2007

I have been wanting to play with my website for a while. I thought I was going to install some blogging software. But after I studied that for a while, I realized that I would have to learn a whole new way of structuring my web designs in addition to writing code for dozens of template pages. That didn't sound fun.

I do enjoy writing my own HTML code and pages. I also kind of like the fact that I am pretty unique in the blogosphere... probably more than 99.9% of bloggers use blogging software rather than hand coding their own pages.

But it's also good to keep on top of the current technology. Which is why I signed up at Technorati, and occasionally do pings at some of the other services.

My latest interest has been in tags. I had been tagging a few entries here and there in my rss feed... and tagging to Technorati, which hasn't always been the most dependable. But when I started writing about our worms, I realized I wanted a page where I could keep all my worm entries. And it would be nice to have a couple other categories so that I could tag to myself.

So, I've re-coded my 2007 Archive. It now includes a tag cloud at the top of the page. And all the entries in the list have a short description and a tag link. Not all of my entries are tagged: since I'm hand coding I really have to keep it simple! And at this point, no entry will have more than one tag. And there are some tags which aren't "live" yet.

And, as a side note, all the new pages are validated by the Unfortunately most of my website is very very NOT validated.
Due to a mis-spelling.
I don't want to talk about it.



Here's my current tag cloud:

books vegan vermicomposting

Yeah, okay. It's not that exciting. But it's there!

And, here's the page that really helped me figure out all the lovely technical details about the rel="tag" attribute. rel-tag and rel-tag FAQ

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