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More Worms
Tues 27 Mar 2007

On Saturday, our worm box was exactly one week old. I took the lid off to feed them and saw loads of little white things on the inside of the lid.

My first reaction was Ewww! haha. Then I looked closer and saw they were all little worm babies! So many! And on the walls of the bin as well. They were everywhere! Cute little worm babies! It's not "eww"... It's "aww!"

We must have gotten lots of cocoons when we got our worms. The cocoons take three weeks to hatch, and two to four babies can come out of a single cocoon. Isn't that weird?

The babies are almost an inch long, and maybe the size of a sewing thread? Hm, maybe even thinner than that. And white. And squirmy! And so many! At least 50 or so! They are so cute!

ha. So anyway. Since they were all hanging out on the bin walls and ceiling instead of being happy in the bedding like they are supposed to be, that means there's something wrong.

I'm thinking it's too wet for them, maybe. So when I clean Tegan's house again tomorrow, I'll put in some dry bedding and that'll help soak stuff up. It still smells good in there, so at least it's not gone terribly wrong.

I just want my little worm friends to be happy!


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