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Sun 4 Feb 2007

Last week, when I stepped on the scales to get my weight taken at the clinic, I was a little bit surprised at how low the number was. When the R.N. took a couple pounds off, for my clothes and shoes, I was a little bit concerned. I have always been near the border of underweight... but this is the least I have ever weighed as an adult.

So, I do some online research and find the equation for BMI and then I do some math. I will not frighten you with the horrifying equation, but the number on my calculator was 18.17. The BMI numbers for "normal" are 18.5 to 24.9, so I am "officially" underweight.

It occurred to me that I have been getting less calories. Not on purpose, but that's just how it's been working out. Of course, as a vegan, I eat fewer calories anyway... But in the past month, I've gone from drinking two or three cokes a day, to one. Empty calories are still calories, after all. And also, I hadn't been eating an evening snack because I've been distracted.

So, I've been making a conscious decision to eat more. You might think that having to eat two dinners in the evening would be the coolest thing in the world... but it's not, really. It sucks, actually. Mostly because I'm just not even vaguely hungry for that second supper. It's painful, looking into the fridge, knowing I have to eat something and nothing even looks good. beh.

And, along the lines of trying to be healthy, I've also signed up for a month of the apartment's little gym. Significant Other showed me how to use the treadmill yesterday.

To be honest, I'm not sure what my exact intentions are. I have a vague picture of me, coming home from work to walk on the treadmill for a few minutes and reading a magazine. Now, how often this will occur, and how long "a few minutes" will be? um? Not sure yet.

But I did pay, and hopefully wanting to get my money's worth will be some kind of motivator. :) And, having some dedicated time to read my pile of magazines will be good.

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