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Sat 3 Feb 2007

I woke up at 4:15 this morning to moonlight shining through the crack at the edge of my blinds. I pushed the blinds aside.

Silvery full moon, lighting up a huge halo of thin clouds, and shining through the winter-bare oak tree branches.

Oh my.
It was so heartrendingly beautiful.

One of my favorite poems is called Silver by Walter de la Mare. And I realized I need more poetry in my life.

I mean: My Gods! How can we Live without Poetry!

The Friday night date with my Significant Other was a wonderful trip to a vegetarian pizza joint called the Pizza Research Institute. It was just awesome. I had picked out this place because I had seen it several times on the top of "Best Pizza in town" lists... and I thought it was great that a vegetarian restaurant beat out all the other pizzas!

It's a tiny little hole in the wall. But the nice lady showed us the elevator seating in the back... Yes, we sat in an elevator, and it was nice and away from the insanity of millions of people coming in to get Friday night, best ever, pizza.

I got the standard vegan pizza: New York crust, just-spicy tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, tomato slices, no onions, and their fantastic creamy white sauce. Wow.

And I'm looking across at my boyfriend. Normally when we go out to eat, he would have a huge plate of dead animals, which is difficult to ignore and makes me incredibly sad but I try not to say anything about it. But this time he was eating a cheese Greek pizza. No meat, just the cheese. And it was a lot easier to think I live with this guy, I spend time with this guy.

Even if it's just one dinner, a vegetarian boyfriend is much easier to live with.

And speaking of beautiful veg*n things... Gary at wrote a great post the other day.

Petting Every Animal in the World

... So there are countless animals that we confine to horrid situations and short lives, and it is pervasive, and un-ending, and yet right in front of us is this one animal—loved, precious, beautiful. Unique. An ambassador, perhaps, for all animals. One lucky individual, free from all the various institutions that treat animals as expendable commodities, as disposable inventory, as things.

As an ethical vegan, I do think about the millions of farmed animals who are killed every day. The billions, every year. It's a heavy weight on the soul. And Gary puts it just perfectly. I share my home with Tegan the guinea pig. I do my best for her.

But there's still the billions. I wish I could save them all.

Introduction to Animal Rights, book by Gary Francione

And, I've just discovered Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach a blog written by Gary Francione, the author of Introduction to Animal Rights. Great book, and the couple posts that I've read at the blog are great too, I can't wait to wade all the way through the web site!

A local vegan chocolate company, Chocolate Decadence, has been getting some attention. A write up in the newspaper, Sweet surprise and a post over at my favorite vegan news blog, SuperVegan: Chocolate Decadence Celebrates Tenth Anniversary.

And I still haven't eaten any of this chocolate?!
Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out yet: Vegan == Wonderful.

Hm, vegan poetry about the silvery moon?

Well, de la Mare's poem is animal-friendly, at least.

Silver by Walter de la Mare

After the Fact Note:

Um. Hm. That's not animal friendly. The dog should not be sleeping in a kennel, s/he should be sleeping in the house with their people. And the doves' "shadowy cote"... I thought that was the name of the place where doves live... but it might be the place where stupid humans keep them.

bleh. My poem falls from grace.


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