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Still No Worms
Sat 27 Jan 2007

Worms Eat My Garbage
I finished reading the book, Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof a little while ago and I'm excited to meet our new worm friends!

I really want the worm bin that was developed by the author, Worm-a-way. It's an 80$ box that has all kinds of ventilation (very important), but the shipping is 30$ more. I wanted to see if I could buy one in town to save a bit of money...

Today, Significant Other rang up the little garden store that's just down the street to see if they had any worm houses. It seemed like the person there was a little bit clueless, but she did suggest Home Depot. I thought that was a good idea, and we headed down there.

Home Depot didn't have any either, but the girl there at least knew what we were talking about. She said they had several requests for worm bins last year as well, and she wished they sold them. She suggested we go to Down to Earth and told us where it was.

Hey, that's a cool store, all kinds of interesting things in there... a garden center and gift shop combined. And they have a worm bin. But it's not the one I want... It looked like this one: Tray Worm Composter and I'm not sure if I want to deal with layers. Plus the trays don't seem deep enough to me.

They called their other store, and it had the round bin Can-O-Worms again, with the layers. Also this one is more expensive, usually over 100$.

The manager suggested we take the Worm Class at the extension office. It's just 25$ and you come home with a homemade bin filled with bedding and worms all ready to go.

A really good deal. Except I don't want to deal with the stress of a real class. Well. We'll see. The first class this year isn't until mid-March, and it's only a two hour class. If I don't have a worm castle by that time, maybe I'll drag SO over there.

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