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Thurs 18 Jan 2007

The overtime at work finally ended... It was just a week of overtime, but I was not getting enough sleep and was really getting stressed out. Now I've had two nights that included over 9 hours of sleep. *sighs with relief*

So, now that I have come out of my walking zombie stage, I have work to do! Besides the laundry that has piled up and the extreme untidiness of my living areas. ;)

I have books to read! I have online projects to revitalize! I have "thank you" cards to write for xmas gifts! I have a worm box to get and start!

I am still reading Firewing and Descent of Man, but I am really excited about the next four books... The Last Unicorn, The Lovely Bones, The Time Travelers Wife and The Tipping Point. Whee! Also I picked up a short sci-fi ebook called Little Fuzzy, the title just makes me smile. And free books make me smile too.

Online projects... dang, my poor little Midweek Munchies. And I've ignored my LiveJournal addiction. And I could definitely be typing more here! Not to mention a new site design. huh?

People know I am a procrastinator, so receiving xmas thank you notes from me in mid-february isn't unusual. laughs. Last year I didn't do them at all, so this year I wanted them out of here in decent time. It's not been a month since xmas yet, after all, so it's still "decent". kinda.

Since the worm box I want is so expensive, I'm going to see if one of the local gardening stores will sell me one (as opposed to buying online and paying for shipping). I can't wait to meet my new worm friends! I hope they will be happy here, eating coffee grounds and apple cores and stuff. I read in the book, that if you throw your avocado pits in the worm bin, they will eventually start growing in there! I have never gotten an avo to grow, so I am excited about this as well.

So, yeah. Lots to do!

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