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Sun 14 Jan 2007

I've been working overtime all week at the day job... so many people have been calling in sick, including me, that we've gotten behind on all our orders.

I hate doing overtime. My time is more precious to me than the money. But this time around, I could use the extra cash... with my xmas credit bills coming in soon, and the unexpected expenditure of the car rental (when I got stuck at the Portland airport because of the cancelled flight through Denver).

So, my day starts at 4am. I get to work at 5am. I get home at 4pm. I'm online for maybe 90minutes. I'm in bed at 7pm. And then Significant Other comes home at 8:30, and I spend some time with him. Then back to bed.

And on Saturday, I'm at work, feeling very tired and getting increasingly grumpy about my lack of time to do the things I want.

And today is Sunday, I'm at home, my one day off, but I'm already grumpy about the week to come.


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