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15 Dec 2006 ... Friday 5: Tools

Had to laugh at the subject of this week's Friday 5 because today my Significant Other said he searched for my tool box for some plyers... and never did find either. heh. You might think that a man might own his own tool box and plyers. You might also wonder why a woman would hide her tool box, it being the only tool box in the house.

But I don't really wonder about either of these things.

friday 5 meme

Friday 5 for 15 Dec: Tools

  • 1. Where is your hammer, and what did you last use it for?

My hammer is in my aforementioned tool box, which is Unintentionally hidden in my closet, behind my (piano) keyboard and under a pair of jeans.

I used the hammer a couple months ago, right after we switched from cable to satellite tv. Dish network requires a phone line, and we had a cord stretching from the other end of the kitchen, across the stairs, and into the front of the living room to the control box. I got out my staple nails and pounded that cord to the ceiling.

It took SO several days to realize he never tripped over that cord. "Where'd it go?" ha.

  • 2. What is your everyday cutlery like?

My mom got my silverware for me with Betty Crocker points. The plain ones I originally picked out were discontinued. So then I picked out a new kind... I've only got one of each (ie one fork, one small fork, one spoon, one butter knife) but I like them better than the first. But I'm sad that I don't have a tea stirring spoon yet. (that's my favorite silverware to use.)

SO has his own silverware which he keeps separate. His stuff has little designs on the handles. When we eat, we always use our own forks. I wonder if that's how everyone else does it.

  • 3. What are you using for a toothbrush?

I'm currently using a Reach with the rubber gum massagers. But, whatever. I'm not partial to any brand, and switch based on colour and the availability of soft bristles.

  • 4. How particular are you when it comes to writing implements?

For several years I had to journal with a Uniball Vision Exact. Unfortunately, they're pretty hard to find. So, now I've got some Pilot Precise V5s. Same animal, but easier to buy.

But, really, I can write with anything, it doesn't matter. I like to have a wide variety of pens and different colours. I like to have choices! Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, Yes!

  • 5. What is the most use-specific tool you own?

hm? In general, I think that all tools are happier when they can do a variety of jobs... like a hammer can also pull out the nails, and that beer opener thingee can also punch holes in a can of chocolate syrup.

But the most use-specific tool I own is the toilet brush. It absolutely does not get used for anything else.


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