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10 Dec 2006 ... back to reading

My goal was to read 52 books this year, and last night I got out my lists to see if I was going to make it. My Bookbag software on my Palm handheld said I had 45 books done.

Um. shoot. 45? and only three weeks left in the year? Half of which I'll be working overtime. and I'm 100 pages away from finishing even one book. There is no way I'll finish seven books before the new year. arg.

I was looking at my list of 45 books, going through the titles and remembering oh, that was a good story. Then I saw The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide. Wait! It's listed as one book in my database... but I'm counting it as the FIVE novels that it is compiled of!!

49! 49 books and three weeks left to read three books to get my total to 52! Yay! This I can do! I am going to make my goal!

A while ago, I mentioned in a Booking Through Thursday entry about short stories that I was reading Anne McCaffrey's Get Off the Unicorn. Another Booking participant, Christine emailed me and recommended Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer trilogy.

I got the first book through FictionWise (as an ebook), and that's the book that I'm 100 pages from finishing. I'm really enjoying the story... but I haven't quite decided if I like the main character, yet. heh. "Sci Fi Romance" makes me want to read something intensly feminist from Le Guin. ;)

But I stayed up late last night, reading. And I'll be buying the rest of the series today. So, many thanks to Christine!

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