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5 Nov 2006 ... The Wonderful Static

It's chaos, I tell you. I've got all these projects going, and I'm starting to feel disorganized and rather spread thin...

  Art by the Inch yep, I'm doing it. stay tuned, I need to type a separate post about that!

  Midweek Munchies I got the official go-ahead two weeks ago, but I've still not come up with a site design. blah on me.

  reading even tho I've got stuff to do, strangely I still want to read my books! haha. I'm into several good books now, too. Arg!

  Veggin'Out Not only am I trying to stay active at this very cool forum, I think Harmonia's going to "up" my status so that I can play with the site design there, too. ideas in the works.

  UserBars? Yes, userbars. Harmonia mentioned them at Veggin'Out and they are so cool and have caught my imagination. I want to make some! In fact, I want to make lots. stay tuned, I think I need to make a separate post about these, too!

  CamCorder. I finally got around to installing SO's camcorder. It's a Sony HandyCam, and I can't recommend it for computer users. The software it came with is terribly user unfriendly... I actually had to read the instructions to get it working. (I'm a techie, I shouldn't Have to read instructions!) And my expectations were too high: You cannot edit your movies in _any_ way, shape or form. And the photos it takes are tiny and saved in movie format, I have to do a screen grab to access them! it's insane and illogical. user unfriendly, ya know.

  Font Crazy Yeah, all of a sudden I need new fonts. I printed up a new font book, my old one was two years old and missing about a hundred fonts. But then I downloaded a bunch of new fonts and dingbats, and so my new font book is out of date! haha.

  Vermicomposting A thread about indoor composting at Veggin'Out got me thinking about a worm box of my own. Cute little wormies! I've decided to put this project on hold until after the new year, but I can't wait to have some companion animal worms eating our organic waste!!

Yeah. So. What's first?!

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