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11 Oct 2006 ... Name Game

At work today, during the last break, I was talking to the one guy about one of the classes that he's taking. It's a computer class and he has to design a web site and needs to find a site that will host for free and that supports scripts. Somehow the topic got changed about and I said I've had a site of my own for years.

I mentioned the address and then joked, "Now I'll have to go home and change all the entries in my blog where I talk about you guys!" And evil girl jumps up and leaves the room. I had forgotten that they let people use the computers during break times. ha. I explained to the others how I referred to "evil girl", and she probably wouldn't be able to find anything in the five minutes we had left of break because my site was so disorganized.

'Course, I had forgotten that I had at least one entry called "Work". And she was only slightly amused about the "evil girl" bit. I had forgotten that I also called her "the girl who hates me"... which is harsh, and untrue.

So, I apologize for that. *waving at screen making girl* I've gone back and changed that particular entry to read "evil girl".

Not sure if I'll call her "screen making" or "evil" from now on. She did earn her "evilness" after all. heh.

Maybe I'll just not type about work people anymore!

It did get me thinking about what I call people here. My boyfriend is called Significant Other, or SO. I spent a little time calling him my partner, which amused me because in my mind it was "my partner in crime". But he said he liked "SO" better.

I talk about my brother occasionally, he's very cool -- Pop Peeper and Aeris Calendar -- but I never mention his name. Online friends are typed about as their alias/handle. People who have illogical assumptions about animals or why I'm vegan, get referred to as "stupid people". (yeah, almost everyone fits into that category at one point or another!)

I try to maintain a veil of privacy when talking about other people, but also try to be descriptive in my naming since most readers are people I don't know. Which means, if you happen to know me in real life, the descriptive name makes the veil nonexistent!


There are three people who I call by their real name, tho... Myself (cheri and rift), Tegan the guinea pig, and Tiny the computer. Since we're actually here to defend ourselves, I figure it's okay.

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