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30 Sept 2006 ... Odds and Ends

I'm done with the overtime at work for a while (I think)... the money is okay and all, but I am really, really tired. I felt like a zombie this week, a zombie with chronic pain, and I wasn't sure if I could handle another one-day weekend.

Fortunately, I do have a full two-day weekend and hopefully it will be enough time for my poor rib to heal. Or at least return to the periphery instead of being the center of my poor world.

I have been making the bread I use for sandwiches for about 7 weeks now, and I feel so very vegan and environmental for doing it! But this week, I accidently ran out! I had checked over the weekend, and I was sure I had an extra half loaf in the freezer... but when I went to pull it out on Wednesday afternoon, there was nothing to pull out!

darn. I had to eat some store bread that my wonderful SO had in the cupboard. He said he was happy to share, and it was good bread. But you know what? After 6.5 weeks of homemade bread, I could actually taste the chemicals they threw into their bread. bleh, I pretty much lost my appetite for lunch. (sorry, SO!)

So, I really need to be diligent about making my bread! And actually having an extra half loaf in the freezer, instead of pretending to see the extra half loaf! ha.

I need something new in my life so I joined LibraryThing as rift. I added a couple books and then got overwhelmed... I've read 41 books this year, I've got 300+ books in a database that I've read since year 2000, 300+ ebooks that I've not read, uncounted hundreds that I own that haven't entered my database yet, and dozens that I haven't read yet!

I'm not sure what I will do with the LibraryThing. I don't really need more book recommendations and conversing about books has always been problematical to me. (As opposed to just typing my thoughts here: no problem with that!)

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