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15 July 2006 ... Happy Birthday Tegan!

Yay! Tegan the guinea pig is five years old today! Guinea Pig Party!

I opened the door of her house as soon as I got up, and she was in and out several times while I made my bed, ha. Her birthday breakfast was the usual orange slice and peas, with a mix of dried fruits... apple, apricot and plum.

Later she will share my lunch with me, ramen with broccoli and peas. (of course, what could be better than peas, the perfect guinea pig treat?!) And Significant Other will share in the treat-giving with frozen peas and dried carrots, a xmas gift from my parents!

Today probably isn't Tegan's real birthday. I had to approximate since I wasn't around for their birth. And of course, it's Tessera's birthday as well, since they were sisters (Tess died almost two years ago)... I think Tess is visiting us in spirit today to celebrate. And maybe she'll bring Adric as well (my first guinea pig, you can read about him at his Rainbow Bridge page: Adric's Rainbow Residency.)

So, I've been thinking about making a donation to a Save the Animals group to celebrate Tegan's birthday. hm, how about my "local" farm animal sanctuary: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. (I wish they were "local" enough to go visiting, but they are about 80 miles away. And Tegan doesn't like to go driving that much.) (haha)

Update... My Mom and Dad also sent Tegan a birthday present! Some fruit and nut cakes, that look yummy enough for me to have a taste! Tegan munching happily.

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