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10 July 2006 ... Big Horses

After work today, I visited the Budweiser Clydesdales!!

My day job is just a couple blocks away from a distribution center and they had a parade this afternoon. My co-workers and I missed the parade, but they still had the horses out for pictures and petting. Dang, those horses are huge.

They had eight horses hooked up to the wagon, two in each row. Wow, that's a lot of reins to hold! But the driver had a Dalmation up there to help him. haha.

There was an "extra" horse who was standing around to be petted. His name is Chance. I pushed the stupid kids out of the way so I could touch him. ;) Chance's handler said he is 19 hands tall... there's four inches in a hand, which means he's 6 foot 4 inches at the withers (top of shoulder).

I stood next to him and reached waaaay up to put my hand on his withers. And looked over and saw how high his head was when something caught his attention. wow. And looking down to marvel at how huge his feet are.

I went back over to the wagon, and they decided to drive it around for me. The driver had a helper sitting next to him, who had to grab the dog who was overly excited. And there were two guys walking next to the lead horses.

They did a walk around the parking lot, and then back to their trailers. I walked with them, well, I followed after them since their walk is a lot faster then my walk! I peaked into one of their trailers. They had three trailers (like the kind pulled by semis).

The one I looked in was very attractive, all stainless steel dividers and fake wood paneling on the walls. It had four stalls, each with a good layer of wood shavings on the floor. I don't think it had air conditioning, there were several fans pointed at the stalls where the horses would stand.

I wanted to hang around and watch them take the harnesses and everything off the horses and pack everything up. But people were still taking pictures and it looked like it was going to be a while.

That's okay. I left, but I still had a big stupid grin on my face.

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