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20 May 2006 ... Midweek Munchies #6

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What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

We made a pretty substantial Safeway run yesterday afternoon...

Some Oranges for Tegan the guinea pig, and some Cucumbers for me... I have fallen in love with the hummus cucumber sandwiches that I make for lunch at work. It won't taste as good as the organic/local cucumber we got at the Saturday Market last weekend, but I got about three times as much Safeway cucumber as the organic for the same price. Unfortunately, I am still a poor person, so I have to worry about money even tho I'm trying to save the world.

Frozen Green Peas and cut green beans and broccoli florets. They are always out of fresh broccoli when we shop, for some reason. eh.

Some Black Olive Hummus and Soy Nut Butter for my work lunch. I tried to find some dried chickpeas, so that I could experiment with the crock pot and make my own hummus, but Safeway didn't have any. At $3 per container of hummus, making my own would be a huge savings. Will have to check the bulk bins at Market of Choice.

My splurge item was a Soy Cheese, Amy Pizza.

Restocking the cupboards with staples that I've used up during my unemployment. Sugar, Wheat Flour, ever more cheap pasta. Canola Oil and Olive Oil. Some Vege Soup Mixes to make my pasta in. And, of course, the standard Coke and Ramin.

Also got some Organic Whole Wheat Pasta which is insanely expensive at 1.35$/pound (I can get a 5 pound bag of ordinary pasta for about 56¢ per pound.) I wanted to try it out, and I really do need to get more whole grains into my diet. Maybe I could figure out how to make my own pasta as well. That might be cool.

And finally, some odds and ends. Some medical tape to protect my hands from paper cuts at work, and some gel insoles to put in my shoes since I'm standing all day now.

And soap. I have been obsessed with white soap (usually Dove) for the past year. Before, I used all kinds of liquid soaps in the shower, and I didn't realize they were kind of messing up my skin. I am pretty sensitive to chemicals. When we moved, last year, I used white soap out of simplicity since I was now sharing my shower space with Significant Other, and I noticed my skin started feeling better.

But I'm now ready to experiment with some animal friendly soap. I got Clearly Natural Glycerine Soap, which uses vegetable based glycerine and has a very short list of ingredients. This is good. Rainforest is my favorite "flavor" but the strawberry tempted me as well, tho I might have to try the unscented one, because it has no added (fragrance or colour) chemicals.

This grocery run cost 78$.

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