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2 August 2005 ... Moms Recur

Everyone has survived the visit of the parents: My mom visited for a week, SO's mom visited for a week (overlapping a couple days) and we all met up in Portland for a visit with my dad! (The parents of Tegan the guinea pig didn't feel like joining the fray. ;)

Roses at the Test Garden

I made my mom watch all three Lord of the Rings. We went to Saturday Market in our town, which had a farmers market and crafts. In Portland, we went to the Japanese Gardens and a quick look at the still blooming Rose Gardens. Back in our town, my mom left and SO and I and his mom went to the Natural History Museum which was small but interesting about the Natives that we killed off in Oregon. Then another trip up to Portland to drop off SO's mom for her flight out of here.


Unknown blue wild flower in the garden

And now that I have my house back, I am trying to get organized... catch up with Internet stuff, tidy up the house, millions of loads of laundry. Get back to reading, writing in my notebooks, spoiling Tegan.

My pathetic garden is trying to do things. The pea plants are making some new leaves, new flowers and tiny one inch pea pods. ha. The blue flower is on it's fourth blossom! I saw aphids crawling on and killing the fluffy wild flower, which we have determined is a cosmos which will have pretty pinkish blooms if it ever gets that far.

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