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16 July 2005 ... More RND

Yesterday was Tegan the guinea pig's birthday, she is four years old. She got treats and songs and happiness for her birthday presents. When SO came home from work, he set her up with a plate full of veges... she disdains the frozen tater tot and the lima bean and munched happily on carrots and peas and corns.

So, that's the beginning of Tegan's birthday week. It takes a week or a month of partying because we can't cram all our celebrations into one day!

SO's computer crapped out last night, and I was required to drop everything and fix it. The nature of the problem concerned me... some kind of craziness in the boot up sequence made the computer reboot itself many times before opening up Windows in safe mode. It's just not a good thing when you can't even get to your operating system.

I reinstalled Win twice and then his computer is perfect again. But then I had to see if I could replicate the problem. You see, in the middle of multiple installs, I got a weird error window from the antivirus software. So I had uninstalled the AV program. When the computer got up and running again, I downloaded the latest software, updated the virus definitions, and ran it... A couple of crashes later and the computer suddenly can't boot up again.

I reinstalled Win twice, again, and shut it down for the night. It's 1am, okay, and I'm tired of this crap! So I don't know if there's some stupidity with the antivirus program, or if the crashes were happening because of something more sinister like hard drive problems. eh.

We've got relatives visiting shortly. First my mom for a week, and overlapping, SO's mom for a week. I hope they both bring books to read because there isn't really much to do in our cute little town, except nap during the hot part of the day. heh.

The tale of the pathetic garden.

Yes, it's pathetic. The crop from my three surviving pea plants was seven pods, and now they are not looking so good because two snails have been munching on them. eh. My three wild flowers are happy, tho... the one with the lacy leaves is so pretty and is my favorite, and one of the other ones is about to bloom!

After our trip to Portland, I planted some tuber flower thingees that my Dad brought from my Mom... And I am so excited because two of them are growing! Now I just need to figure out what the heck the things are...

And, apparently, as of yesterday, Suite University is offering all it's classes for free. I've taken a couple online classes there... they were costly tho, ranging from 20 to 40$. The lessons were good, but often I would be the only student in the class, which meant there were no discussions. And also, I was disappointed with the participation of the instructors.

The free courses have no discussion, and all the lessons are available online, so you don't have to sign up for anything. Just head on over and study to your heart's content, I guess!

So, now I'm happy. I'm also feeling quite lucky... because I just took my Reiki class there, and it is no longer being offered. I was in the very last class!

What looks interesting?! I took the drawing class a few years ago, "Visual Literacy - A Course In Drawing", and now I'm going through the water colour class! There are several writing classes, several gardening classes, several vege cooking classes...

lalala, rift having fun reading lessons!

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