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13 July 2005 ... Random

A slug has joined our Spider Relocation Program.

Yep, I was walking into the kitchen, and "what is that trash on the floor?!" Then I saw it was moving. Little skinny slug. "Oh, honey! What are you doing in the house? You can't be in the house!" She was really bookin' across the tile, her cute little antenna pointed out.

I grabbed a square of toilet paper and encouraged her to hop aboard. She did and I carried her outside. When I went to put her square of paper on the ivy-leafed back fence, I ran into a spider web. ack, dropped poor slug, stepped back brushing my arms off!

I'm sure the slug was okay, and hopefully the spider was only mildly annoyed.

I've not combed my hair in a week! Not because I'm being lazy, but because I got it all cut off! Well, most of it is gone. And I suppose I could comb what's left... except it doesn't make a difference, the hair looks exactly the same.

Which makes me wonder. Am I going to wake up one morning in a week or so when my hair starts growing out again, and suddenly feel the need to comb my hair again? I don't know, I've never had hair this short before.

I re-read Hannah Hinchman's book, A Life in Hand the other day. I love her books, she's got sketches on all the pages of this book, and at the end there are some of her watercolour journal art. They are amazing.

But now I wish I had some new pens. Some expensive pens. Like a calligraphy pen and a brush pen and some drafting pens.

Of course, I have pens. Maybe not hundreds, but many dozens. They are all different colours and kinds. You can't have too many pens, and I want some new ones.

I recognize my way of thinking: "If I obtained such-and-such art tool, then I will suddenly start making brilliant pieces of art." uh huh. I was thinking that when I thought I wanted Paint Shop Pro 9... and I bought it and didn't even install it for months. And now that it is installed, I didn't even read the book to see what kind of wonderful art tools it has.

And now I think if I could just have a drafting pen, I could make my journal look like Hannah Hinchman's. haha, funny huh. sighs.

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