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29 April 2005 ... New Garbage

I have been excessively blah, here lately. I am reading too much about how we are destroying the earth, in so many different ways, and so many people are letting the evil continue.

So. I'm going to do a few "Happy" entries here to cheer me up!

My wonderful partner brought home the new Garbage disc!
I like him!
and I've listened to the CD a few times through and I'm Enjoying it.

Unfortunately, I've not unpacked my stereo. And I don't have an audio cable on Fiasco the computer. So I turned on the old computer, Temperamental, to play the CD on the speakers there... but the CDROM refuses to open. Fine, whatever, you have earned your name so many times over.

So, I'll play it on Fiasco (the new computer) and get out my headphones... but he's being temperamental as well? Yeah, primary CDROM won't open. Gah, give me a break, please! You opened up the other day, why not today??

Well, the secondary, the CDROM Writer, is opening like a good boy. And Mr. Primary CDROM will get himself replaced with a DVD player, I think. (If I ever get a job, that is!)

So anyway: back to the Garbage Happiness... oh, yeah, "standard" Garbage here... much better than their last disc, BeautifulGarbage, which felt more experimental... and more like their best, Version 2.0.

#2 "Run baby run" ... hm, think I like it, nice intro and I definitely like the lyrics.
#4 "Why do you love me" ... Very catchy tune! This one may turn out to be my favorite song of this disc. eh, maybe?
#5 "Bleed like me" ... Title song, but a bit too soft and slow for me.
#6 "Metal Heart" ... This is the one that caught my attention when I was checking out the album at Amazon with the 30second previews. Nice sound.
#10 "Why don't you come over" ... uh, I don't think so. Least fav.

And the other songs will sort themselves out as I keep listening! They are all decent Garbage songs, which means they are better than anything else out there. ;) But seriously, V2.0 is still the best, but Bleed may be competing with the first CD for second place.

And, yep, this CD was the motivation to finally set up my stereo. heh, lazy girl.

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