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22 April 2005 ... Happy Earth Day!

Yay, American Earth Day.

Yeah, we are supposed to celebrate Earth Day on the Vernal Equinox, which was March 20 this year. But we are crazy Americans and we just have to do things differently for some reason. haha.

Regardless, we really should be saving the earth every day. At the rate we're going, there will be tragic losses and Seriously major changes within your lifetime. The extinctions have already begun, the climate is changing, our own pollution is killing us. It's just a matter of time before Nature kicks in and starts kicking us out.

Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz, and start implementing ways to reduce your footprint. I've taken the quiz a few times now, and my footprint ranges from 11 acres to 19 acres, depending on how I "spin" my answers. The average American footprint is 24 acres, but ideal footprint is less than 4.5 acres, so I've got some work to do.

There are things you can do to Save the Earth!

  • The best thing you can do for the earth, is to go vege. Reducing your meat/dairy/egg -based meals will help, but going vegen will save the earth!

  • Reduce your utility bills. If you're not using it, turn it off... water, lights, your computer. Don't use the dryer, instead hang your clothes up to dry. Switch the heat dry option on the dishwasher to air dry. Replace lights with the fluorescent kind.

  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging. "Paper or plastic?" Neither! Bring back your plastic bags to the store to reuse them. Recycle Everything! Freecycle! Compost!

  • Plant a tree. Potted plants will help clean the air in your home. Native plants and flowers in your garden will not require extra watering.

  • Never use poison. Avoid pesticides on your food by buying organic. Use earth friendly solutions first to get rid of "pests". Do not buy leather, the tanning agents will kill you and the earth. When cleaning, use non-toxic, biodegradable products... or plain old vinegar and baking soda!

  • Avoid chlorine bleach!! Buy unbleached paper products... coffee filters, toilet paper and tissues. Do not bleach your clothes, and use Seventh Generation in your dishwasher.

  • And of course, be efficient when you go places... walk or bike, use mass transit, and get a hybrid car.

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