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17 April 2005 ... Photos!

I've been lazy all week. Spending more time than I care to admit, in front of the TV. Yes, I suck. But it's my "vacation", and that's how I choose to spend it!

Yeah, you're right. I should get a job.

Our new home

Our new home. Not very exciting from the front, huh?! My bedroom is the top window, and the living room is the bottom one. The kitchen and partner's room are in the back, which is the side facing the road.

From the sidewalk, there are five steps down. The bushes in front have clumps of tiny white flowers and I have no idea what they are.

View of the U-Haul

This was the "view" from my bedroom, if you're looking straight down at the parking lot. In the median to the right of the evil red car, are a couple of trees, which are just barely coming back to life.

Not a garden, yet!

This is part of our back yard! At the top of the pic is an ivy covered fence. Then there's about five feet of border area that's currently dirt and roots... I think during the summer it will fill out with ivy and all kinds of wonderful growing things. I can see little sprouts coming up all over the place!

The right side of our yard is the cement porch. The left side is my little garden area... oh, I am so excited about being able to plant things in the ground! I've decided on some wild flowers and some basil, and probably some other stuff if I get visions while buying seeds at the store. :)

Those are my houseplants, currently drowning in all the rain we have every day. They've not recovered from the move yet, either, but I'm sure they will live. They are pretty tough to have lived with me for so long! That's my small ficus at the far left. The others are aloe vera and little spider plants.

The white building on the left is the back of our neighbors' outside storage. We've got a storage area as well at the right side of our yard.

House warming plant!

Yay! My mom and dad sent me a house warming gift! It's a Chinese Evergreen and it makes me happy! Here it is, in our dining room (aka the storage room), with the kitchen in the background.

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