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10 April 2005 ... Tiny Town House

Well, I finally got lazy and have not done any unpacking since last I typed on Friday night!! Which makes me feel blah, but today is a new day, right.

Even tho we have a huge lovely pantry, the kitchen is so tiny we have to re-arrange stuff on the limited counter space every time we walk in...

Want coffee? First you have to put the clean & dry dishes in the dish rack away, then move the rack out of the way, then get the coffee maker out of the pantry and plug it in. Of course, this is not my problem since I don't drink coffee maker coffee!

But washing the dishes is a similar problem, since we only have counter space on one side of the sink.

sighs. So the kitchen is pretty annoying. It's good that I already have a habit of avoiding the kitchen. haha.

And trying to figure out how everything will fit into my bedroom is pretty annoying, too.

But eventually, everything will find it's way into it's place. My rib is getting better. And I made my first loaf of bread! Yummy hot sweet bread, nice to eat when it starts to rain. Yay rain!

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