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12 February 2005 ... Delightfully Dreary

It's been sprinkling, raining and generally wet, here in the desert of Phoenix for two days straight. At work on Friday, the people said they ordered the Oregon weather specifically for me. ha. "Maybe she'll change her mind about moving if it rains enough."

Yeah right... what good is a ½ inch of rain in February going to do anyone when it's 110° in May??

And then one of my co-workers says, "If it's hot here and you have to stay indoors all the time, and it rains there and you have to stay indoors all the time, what's the difference?" I see what she's getting at. But then, I love to go out in the rain.

I really hope that the cooler temperature in Oregon and the dampness will encourage me to get outdoors more.

When I lived in Georgia, I would often stop by the State Botanical Garden on my way home from work. The Gardens were about a mile away from my apartment, and have about 300 acres of woodland with a river running through.

Usually, I would just sit on the bench at my favorite trail head, near the Shade Garden, listen to the frogs singing while the sun set. On weekends I would occasionally walk the trail down to the Rose garden, or hike down to the river.

That's what I envision for myself in Oregon. Finding some hiking trails, stopping by after work at my favorite. If it's raining, all the better.

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