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6 February 2005 ... The Path to Oregon

Last weekend, partner and I signed off on our apartment... just 60 days left. And this week I let my supervisor at work know that I'm leaving... just need to write an official resignation letter.

My plan is to quit my job 11 March, and drive up to Eugene, Oregon to find a place to live. Come back to Phoenix, rent a truck, get moving. We'll be out of here by the end of March.

There is a lot to do... But I still feel blobish. yuck. Extreme yuck...

On Thursdays or Fridays I always write a list of things to do over the weekend. And my list has looked exactly the same since January One. Why? Because I'm not doing anything on my list, so I have to write the same list over the next weekend. I suck.

And I've got a lot of work to do on the computer. But every time I sit down, I just surf. I may start working on something... but it's like pushing that rock up the hill... So hard, and then I start thinking that it's stupid, and then I start thinking it's pointless. Then I quit.

Yesterday, I didn't quit. I did an apartment search. I went through about 50 apartments and printed out the potentials. I am kind of disappointed because, tho I printed up 13 apartments, there are only two that looked interesting. And only one of the two is pet friendly.

(Guinea pig contraband has never bothered me. But the opportunity to care for stray animals has always presented itself, and there may come a time when I want to / have to bring an animal friend into my home.)

So anyway. If you're interested, the best apartment search web site out there is That's the site that gave me the most hits (over 30 apartments with my requirements) for the least amount of effort. gave exactly one apartment. And requires an email address for their search function... and then they only gave me one apartment that didn't even fit my requirements. :P~ pppbbbtttt.

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