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24 October 2004 ... Blah

Yeah, blah. That's how I've been feeling, lately, and it seems like there is not much I can do about it...

The frustrations are ongoing at the day job, and there's nothing for it but to attempt to work around them. I've been expending a lot of energy, just trying to keep my cool. I could probably use a vacation.

And I am unable to rejuvenate my energy at home, for whatever reason. I can't get enough alone time, or I'm not using my alone time correctly, or whatever. I am having trouble journalling, and the books I'm reading leave me feeling overwhelmed...

The Future of Life is my first environmentalism book. And it's painting a pretty bleak picture, only reinforced by some of the news articles I've been reading lately... Global Warming, Species Extinctions, Over population, etc, etc, etc.

The other book I'm reading is The Dynamics of Creation... which is a little too much theory for my taste. It's a psychology book, interesting, but hm maybe not exactly what I want to read right now.

Since these books are so heavy, I've not been reading as much, or as quickly. And there are stacks of books and ebooks that I want to get to. And all the heavy thinking is leading to some ideas... stuff I want, stuff I want to do, stuff I want to learn.

But my energy level is so low, it all just seems like too much "work".

I am scattered and tired, so I read a little bit and sleep a lot and wake up with a headache. eh.

I'll save the world tomorrow.

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