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16 October 2004 ... Sleep

I have had a pretty bad week. Little things at work building up, stupid people on cell phones instead of driving trying to smush my car, and people in general are really getting on my nerves. My frustration level is high and I haven't been able to read or surf or do stuff in my notebook.

When I am grumpy, I like to sleep it off. Most of this week, I've been sleeping 10 and 11 hours each night. Kind of nice, too.

I am one of those crazy people who actually value sleep. I'm not like "you", the average human being, getting six or seven hours a night, or less. Nope, nope. I require 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep, and I honour myself by getting that much sleep.


  • My bed is the hardest mattress money will buy.
  • It's a day bed with a trundle and someday I will buy a second mattress to make a king sized bed.
  • I sleep without a pillow.
  • I love my tee-shirt sheets and use no others.
  • I prefer to have a fan running for the white noise.
  • I am a light sleeper and my occasional insomnia is premature waking. (I fall asleep right away, but I'll wake up hours before my alarm goes off.)
  • I make my bed every morning.
  • I sleep with Pepé and Sea Biscuit.

Stuffed Animals on the bed

Pepé the Pound Puppy is in the foreground, Sea Biscuit the pink sea horse is right behind him. The dark blue thing on the left is my stuffed chair thingee, the quilt is from my relatives, the pillow sham on the right is part of a quilt set that my gramma made for me.

The big bunny with ears over his face is Daya, a Monty Python Holy Grail reference. The "Getting Things Done" bear is wearing a shirt that says that. On his lap is the hand puppet zebra.

The little pink bunny sitting in the center is the Motivator Bunny, similar to the Energizer Bunny, but with a dangling carrot. And the blue chicken is Mr. Mango, a Splash! reference.

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