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9 October 2004 ... Currently

I've been going through lots of light reads, but now I'm slowing myself down with some heavier, more thoughtful stuff. I finished Dominion not too long ago, about the cruelty humans inflict on animals. If you're interested, read the review at Suite101, Extraordinary Animals. (and be sure to hit the "Topic Page" there, too... great site!)

Now I'm reading Dynamics of Creation, exploring the apparent link between creativity and "madness". Also reading The Future of Life, basically we are all doomed. heh. And also half through a Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.

Listening to
When I was driving the rental car around, I was greatly amused to find a radio station playing techno dance music. But now I am back to radio-less silent driving. Sometimes in the evenings, I put my relaxation CD on. It's got birds singing and stuff. I like.

Angel. I've caught a couple Mythbusters. I finally got around to watching LOTR #2. My favorite scene is when the horse saves Aragorn. Nice horsey.

Oh yeah, B&N U is supplying me with free classes again. Currently I'm embedded in a class called All About Your Dreams, ie night-time dreams. Also signed up for Everyday Ethics and book club The Chronicles of Narnia. Cool eh, but at the moment I'm a bit overwhelmed, because I really want to spend time and effort with each of these three subjects!

Jasc came out with Paint Shop Pro 9. Now, usually I buy every other edition: I bought 4, 6 and I've currently got 8. But 9 has some paint features that I've been looking for... a palatte knife. I really can't decide if I want to spend my 50$ for one little feature, or wait another year for the next edition which will have many new features. hm.

Tegan the guinea pig has been running around on the floor all day long. Usually on weekends I get her out when I get up at 6ish and put her back in her home around noonish. But it's now evening and she's still out, spoiled girl.

My stray cat isn't coming for food anymore. Hope someone took him in or to a shelter.

I've got a humming bird girl whom I'm in love with. She sits at the top of a tree at the end of the block, buzzing back and forth to a feeder at someone's porch. I want a feeder, too!

Web Site Stuff
The hotlinkers were stressing me out, so I am blocking all direct links to images via my htaccess file. During the summer I had one of my drawings stolen and at one point I was getting over 200 hits a day to one of my photos. I hated it and so I've put a stop to it.

I'm hoping this will give me renewed confidence to start posting pics and drawings again. 'Course, first I'll have to actually draw something. Motivation, where are you?

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