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27 March 2004 ... Food Allergies

I was sick two weeks ago and when I returned to work, my headaches were back in full force.

I used to have really bad headaches, all the time. And then I discovered that they were being caused by eating dairy products. I'm vegan now and the headaches have disappeared. Cheri: happy.

So at first I assumed the new set of headaches was just me recovering from my sickness. But I was pretty annoyed after the first week, and I'm still getting head hurts.

And then I realized there was a pattern. I only got headaches at work, and they always showed up immediately after lunch. So, it's food related. Fortunately, my work lunches are nice and simple. One peanut butter sandwich and one hummus sandwich.

Process of elimination and it's the peanut butter.

Which really bums me out. :(

Peanut Butter is:

  • Cheap! I buy a huge container of the store brand for 7$, and that'll last me a couple months.
  • Filling and tasty! It's good protein and naturally sweet.
  • Keeps forever. Since peanut butter never goes bad, I usually have at least two containers on hand.
  • Vegan.

Yeah, just try to find a different sandwich spread with those exact properties.

Hummus is good, but a small container lasts 1.5 weeks is around 3$.

The soy nut butter is okay, not as yummy and also three or four times as expensive as the peanut butter.

I did try some vege salami... expensive and on the yucky side.

Almond butter. Yum!!! but $$$. And not carried at the grocery store.

So humph.

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