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25 March 2004 ... D/L to my Brain

Things I would like to learn if a direct download to the brain were possible (a la The Matrix).

  • Braille. Yeah, I can proof-read braille, but I have trouble cold reading braille. Um sight reading, cold. brr.

  • American Sign Language. I learned the alphabet when I was a kid, but nothing beyond that.

  • Some kind of martial arts. Something graceful with which I could kill someone. any particular "someone"? you ask. Yes: all the humans.

  • A bunch of computer languages and softwares. I have been lazy about learning new computer stuff. 10 months the user guide for Paint Shop Pro 8, has been sitting on the top of my bookshelf, un-delved. And the Palm handbook. And the DHTML monster book. fah on me.

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