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18 November 2003 ... nadda

Gah, nobody ever types here anymore. Well. I suppose it's up to me to do all the hard work of typing.

I have many work frustrations. a) Slow. b) Stupid machines don't work right. c) I'm about to kill everyone there.

Over the weekend, I downloaded the contents of my digital camera. But I have nothing to show you now because I'm too lazy to turn on my other computer to get them, and then I have to mess with the color and contrast and resize and crop and stuff. And I am just way too lazy for all that. Plus, if you'll notice, the title of the entry is "nadda", and if I gave you something to look at, then I'd have to change the title and that is way too much work as well.

I've got 108 books entered into the books database on my Palm... that's the contents of my bookshelf, the ebooks I've read and a few books I want to buy. Next I have to delve into my book boxes. I think I've got four book boxes here. (The rest are in my parents basement, a few states away, bah.)

My daily drawing challenge isn't really all that challenging. I should try to make some real art, someday. The drawings I've been doing so far this month are mostly just little doodles in my notebook: I'll draw a scene from a dream or a symbol that represents the day or a few "stock" images that have been floating around in my brain. And there are five Paint Shop Pro drawings and two Palm notepad drawings. So far, I've only skipped one day.

But, like I said, I don't feel like I'm being challenged. Especially when I'm getting ready for bed in the evening and realize that I forgot my drawing of the day, so I open up my notebook, make a thirty second squiggle and call it a drawing. I suppose that's what happens when you are trying to settle into a habit. and at least I make that thirty second effort after all.

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