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5 November 2003 ... Dream

A recurring theme in my dreams is travel. In most of my travel dreams, I am walking. Usually in snow. A few times, I am driving a car. Again in snow. A couple dreams, I am a passenger in an airplane. And last night I was in a canoe.

When I was growing up, my Dad was in the Air Force, and I have always moved every three or four years. And on top of that, my family did a lot of sight seeing.

So I wonder if my dreaming brain is just repeating something which has always been part of my life.

In real life, I enjoy traveling. It's usually uneventful... and when it's not, it makes a lasting impression on you.

I have totaled two cars. I have thrown up in a cesna, right after I got to fly it. As a kid, I threw up in a hover craft on the English Channel. haha.

In dream life, I travel. I'm walking toward something. Definitely not running away from something...

I read somewhere that being chased is the most common dream that humans have. But I don't run away... If there is something chasing me, I switch to lucid dreaming and simply turn around to face the scary thing. And of course, it turns out to be nothing.

And so I walk. And I never get there. :) or I haven't yet. And "there" is probably pretty boring, anyway.

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