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30 October 2003 ... Music

Last year, my car stereo was stolen. I was quite annoyed at the broken window I had to replace, and never got around to putting in a new radio. So there's a big hole in the dash with wires coming out. And no music.

And I don't normally listen to the radio at work or at home. I suppose I'm deprived, but I'm not bothered by it. And whenever SO takes me somewhere in his van, he's got the radio on and he's talking music, I do pay attention.

A few months ago he pointed out Evanescence's latest song, "Bring Me To Life". At the time I was not at all familiar with E, and I was thinking, Hmm, female singer, and this is the kind of music I like... Why in the world don't I own any of this?

So I added it to my list. Yeah, I still hadn't bought the newest Michele Branch, and horrors, I was being lazy about Dido as well.

On Sunday, coming home from a happy vegan lunch at Wild Oats, SO told me about the song on the radio. "Going Under", Evanescence's second single. I really focused on it and was pretty impressed. So I moved it to the top of the list.

On monday, at work, there was a song running through my head. gods, is that the Evanescence song? It was. It's not a catchy tune, but it managed to stick in my head after one listen? wow.

And yesterday I spent the mega bucks and came home with the E disk, and the Dido and the Branch. I've started with E, of course. The whole disk on repeat to familiarize myself with all the songs. (hey I paid 15$ for that piece of plastic, I'm going to appreciate the whole blessed thing!)

So the consensus is: I like Evanescence. ha.

I do have a soft spot in my heart for female singers. Garbage, Dido, Michele Branch, and now Evanescence are my favorite bands. And of course, don't forget Enya and Loreena McKennit.

Beautiful voices.

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