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25 October 2003 ... Palm BookBag

Have I mentioned lately that I love my Palm handheld? I suppose it will start paying for itself with all the free books I'm reading on it. Currently, Great Expectations.

And I bought my second bit of software for the Palm this morning. The first being the games expansion card with SimCity and Pinball and Mah-Jongg and Break-Out. The second is a database program where I can list all my books.

BookBag, it's cool. I can type in the last time I read the book and what books I want to buy and blah blah blah! I can't wait to see my first 100 books listed there. um, right now I've got 17, I think. Ha, much typing and graffiti-ing to follow!

Next, I think I need to find a paint program so I can draw something on my Palm.

hm. I thought I had a bunch of interesting things to type about. But I started typing them and I'm all "gods. Boring!" and it got deleted. ah well.

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