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26 July 2003 ... Animal Stuff

Weekend morning. My mission: to take care of all living beings.

Get out of bed. Because Tess is yelling. Guinea pig proof the room and let the piggies out. Play with them for a while.

Out to the porch. Refill the bird feeder with seeds. Refill the cat dish with cat food. Water the green sticks.

Back inside. Make sure all the house plants are happy. Move the small ficus closer to the window. Pick up a few dead leaves.

okay. That about covers most of the living beings within my sphere.

It hasn't been a conscious decision, but I am mostly vegan over the weekends. I fry up some tofu and I eat the vegan Amy bowls. My fake coffee is non-dairy creamer, I think. I don't think there are any animals in my Coke.

But this weekend, I caved into some Pizza Hut cravings. A New Yorker with black olives and mushrooms and an order of cheese sticks.

Yeah. It was way more cheese than I could handle, and I've been subsisting on Pepto Bismal ever since. And I think the Pepto is a Proctor & Gamble product.

*shakes head* so much for my mission. I've funded animal experiments via P&G, and I've killed baby calves and momma cows live a life-time of suffering to make my cheese.

I'll be a good vegan some day...

In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep feeding the birds to keep my karma as clean as I can.

I come home in the afternoons and the cat food is gone. But today I watched that bowl all day. No cat. Mourning Doves. It's interesting to watch them eat. The Science Diet food comes in tiny cylinders, the Dove grabs a piece, wiggles his head a little and swallows it whole.

I guess they like it. Do birds have taste buds? It doesn't seem like they would be able to taste stuff they swallow whole. How do they know what's good for them if they can't taste their food?

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