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19 July 2003 ... notes from the Static

I opened the blinds this morning so I could look at the birds. And found a cat on the wall instead. grins. I went out to see how she was, but she ran away. That's fine. If she comes back, I've still got plenty of cat food left over from Charcoal (a friendly stray I was feeding for a while).

And this cat, hm, I'm assuming it's a girl? Someone special told me that calicos with three colors are female. This cat has three colors, but it's not a calico. She's a black and brownish tabby with big fat strips, with white on it's face and legs.

Well, anyway. I'm sure the birds were happy after I chased off the cat so they could get back to eating their bird seed.

The guinea pigs are enjoying their new home. They still get out for some play time on the weekends, tho.

After I guinea pig proof the room, I put my hand down in their home, and Tegan calmly walks up on my arm so she can be lifted out. Tess was never very good at this trick. She runs to the back corner, and I have to stretch and twist to scoop her up. sheesh.

When the piggies are out, I share whatever food I eat with them. So they get to munch on my granola bar for breakfast. And some tofu or a vegan Amy Bowl for lunch. Tess is always first in line for the food, she will eat anything that resembles a treat. Tegan takes a couple bites and then wanders off.

*shakes head* How'd they get such contrasting personalities?

High Temperatures this week in the desert:

Sunday, 13 July:
Monday, 14 July:
Tuesday, 15 July:
Wednesday, 16 July:
Thursday, 17 July:
Friday, 18 July:
Saturday, 19 July:

117°F (47°C)
104°F (40°C)

And do you know how blissful 104 is after a 117 day?!

Other random stuff:

  • I've signed up for an online class in August about Palm handhelds. I just can't figure out which Palm I want, so hopefully this class will motivate me to make a decision.

  • My plant pot outside now has a third green stick growing in it. I'm pretty sure it will be a bird seed plant... Millet, probably. Ha! The other two green sticks are still green, and one is even trying to branch out. yay.

  • The other day, I bought a vegan Amy's pizza... without cheese. Unfortunately, I didn't examine the box very well at the store. (something I tend to do because I really hate shopping.) I just now discovered that the pizza is mushroom (yum), onion (yuck) and red pepper (double yuck). Yeah, I put the pizza back in the box and back in the freezer, it's un-eatable by me. Let me tell ya, it doesn't pay to be a picky vegetarian... and yet, that is exactly what I am.

  • I think I need a vacation.

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